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August 23, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Pelican Vore (Part 2)

A rewrite
By: Endless

After another minute of squishing around, the digestive organ relaxes again.  Gurgling becomes audible and Ann rolls over on her back watching the bird.  The pelican’s beak opens up wide and closes.  The yawn draws Ann’s attention.  It is huge.  

Waking up completely it frills its feathers and relaxes them again.  Climbing up on the shore the pelican waddles over to the blanket Ann is currently resting on.  Looking up from on her back, she sees the large bird move past her planting itself down halfway on her blanket with its belly facing Ann.  She turns on her half of the blanket and faces the bird.  She hears bubbling and gurgling sounds telling her digesting is well underway.  For a second she thinks to touch the bird, but then withdraws her hand.  The bird closes its eyes and pays no attention to Ann.  She gathers her courage again and places her hand on the bird’s belly.  She can feel something moving inside.  

Melissa comes back awake after dozing off for a minute.  The pain is becoming less noticeable, but she cannot believe she is alive.  Her body feels raw, but it seems like the pelican is having a hard time digesting such a large meal.  Melissa does not know that birds have a holding stomach and one that has the acid.  She has not met the second.  Melissa’s hand is still in the gullet, leaving a nice hole for air to get down.  The flesh all around her continues to massage her body.  It is not so bad.  Her thoughts move to her rising libido.  The naked girl cannot shake her perverted thoughts away.  She came so much and so hard from this that she can only call it the best sexual experience of her life.  Again, she starts to touch her itching pussy lips.  They want more attention and she gives it to them.  

Ann blinks as she hears a strange sound.  Looking around she does not see anyone else by the pond, but she definitely heard something, something that sounded like someone moaning.  Her attention focuses on the pelican’s belly that is moving now.  A lot of movement comes from it in fact.  Ann sees a limb or fin move the pelican’s belly in such a way that it becomes noticeable.  For a second, the wondering girl sees a head, and then a foot.  The definite shapes make Ann shiver in fear.  It looks like a person is inside of the pelican’s gut!  Ann rolls over onto her front, pushes up, and stares at the swollen belly.  She hears moaning and this time she pinpoints it to the bird.  All the pieces fit and she realizes that this pelican ate someone, a human person!  More moaning sounds from the belly making Ann feel weird.  She has been watching this for a while now.  All that time, some person has been inside the bird’s stomach struggling for dear life.  

Judging by the size, Ann thinks whoever is inside there is small, maybe shorter than her.  Is it a child?  Did the bird eat some kid playing around the pond?  The irritable sounds suggest that it is not a child, but an adult, probably.  More movement, followed by rhythmic up and down motion around the lower half of the abdomen, makes whatever is inside cry out.  It is a girl, definitely a girl inside that bird’s belly.  What is she doing in there?  It sounds like she is struggling, but at the same time, it sounds like she not in distress.  The movement calms down again and every now and then, the abdomen twitches slightly.  

Gurgling and digestion sounds come next, followed by more moaning.  Ann looks at the pelican’s head and sees that it has fallen asleep.  Softly she asks the bird, “Did you eat some girl?”  Ann moves closer to the large beak.  “Did you swallow some girl down like she was a fish?”  The shivering girl explains, “You know you aren’t supposed to eat people.”  The silence is unsettling.  From inside the bird’s bowels Melissa cannot hear much of anything other than the sounds of glands trying to produce enough acids to dissolve her body.  Ann feels somewhat wet so she rubs her fingers between her legs.  Her crotch is slimy.  Her bikini bottom is slimy.  What happened?  She pushes on her crotch, feels it, and traces the wetness back to her love hole.  “Oh my God… I’m dripping down here.”  Ann looks at the liquid thinking it is blood, but it is not.  It is clear and gives off no odor.  “I’m creaming myself?”  Ann’s thoughts focus on what is going on and she concludes the wetness is her being hot and bothered by the fact that a huge pelican has a girl inside its stomach.  

“That girl is going to die in there… you are going to digest her!”  Ann shivers at her words.  This does nothing to calm down her dripping snatch.  For some reason, the more she thinks about the situation, the more she feels light headed and accepting of it.  Ann gazes up to the bird’s eyes.  Even though they are closes she asks, “Why did you eat her?  Was she tasty?  Is that why you ate her?”  The idea of being delicious appeals to Ann.  She likes being wanted, but this is such a perverted way to be wanted.  Her fingers move down her tummy slowly and she entertains her clit and teases it.  “How long have you had her inside your tummy?”  Looking down at the calm bloated belly, she sees it stir a bit and then go calm again.  Placing her hand as if to touch the pelican’s belly she asks the unknown person inside, “Did you like being eaten?”  

Melissa wakes up from her dreamy state and looks at the crop sphincter puckering up tight around her arm.  If only she could stretch it open, and then climb out of there.  If only she could.  Even now, she wants to live.  The hair on her head is still in tack even though she has been down here for so long.  The level of slime around her stops at just below her chin.  All the hair on her head below that level has digested away.  She has no body hair now at all.  Even with her hair partly dissolved, Melissa is a very beautiful girl.  Any man would love to have her, sadly only the pelican can.  

Something is making noises from outside the bird’s belly.  To Melissa it sounds like talking.  Her eyes pop open wide and she cries out, “Can anyone hear me?  Is anyone out there?”  

Ann almost jumps as she hears the faint cries coming from the bird’s belly.  Whoever is inside is still alive!  Lowering her head to the bird’s feathery belly, she listens.  Again, Melissa calls out from the bird’s bowels, but this time Ann hears all of it.  She thinks to respond, but decides not to.  Is it okay for her to talk to the pelican’s dinner?  Whoever is inside will probably ask for help getting out of there.  Even so, what can she do?  It is not as if she has a knife or a gun or something lethal to kill the bird.  How would she be able to free the girl inside?  Should she even try?  It isn’t any of her business; right?  It is her fault for being so unlucky getting herself eaten by a huge pelican.  This is natural.  Looking up at the pelican’s closed eyes she asks, “Wouldn’t it be mean to take your food away from you?”  Ann thinks about it though, she would want someone to save her from this predicament.  “Dammit,” Ann raises her fist in the air and shakes her head.  She moves over to the distended belly and asks, “Who are you?”  

Amazed that someone is there, Melissa pauses and gathers her thoughts, “My name is Melissa, I was attacked by a pelican at the park pond and he swallowed me.  I don’t know how long I can stay awake in here, my feet and legs are already numb.  Please help me…”  Ann looks away and mumbles under her breath, “dammit, why is this happening to me…”  

Moving closer to the belly Ann asks the food inside, “I don’t know what I can do for you.  I don’t have anything to kill the pelican with or some rope to tie it up.  What should I do?”  

The contents of the belly talks back to her, “Can you reach inside and grab my hand?  I have one arm outside his stomach to keep fresh air coming in.  If you could give me something to grab ahold, I think I can climb out myself.”  Ann asks the bird’s belly, “I don’t have anything with me besides my clothes and music player.”  Melissa asks, “Can you make a rope from your clothes?  That might work!”  Ann thinks about it and responds, “I think I could, but how do I get him to swallow it?”  

“Is he asleep right now?”

“Yes he is.  He got out of the water and decided to sleep right next to me.”  

“That is good news, he isn’t near the water.  Wait, why did you let him get so close to you?”

Rolling her eyes, Ann states, “I bet you let him get closer to you, I mean you are inside his stomach you know.”  Ann shrugs, “Besides, he looks cool; I’ve never seen a bird as big as this guy before, so I was kind of curious.”  

Melissa agrees, “Yeah, I know what you mean, but I found out the hard way what happens when you are too curious.”  

Laughing, Ann looks over at the pelican’s eyes again and says, “He looks so content having you inside him.  I bet you he really enjoyed eating you.  You must have been really tasty.”  

“Yeah, I bet he did, he took his sweet time doing it.”  After a pause, Melissa says quietly, “It did feel really good.”  

Ann hears the last part, but does not say anything.  Melissa feels the same itch again, but does not give into temptation, and continues talking to her new friend.  “What is your name?”  Ann gives a short pause and decides to tell her, “My name is Ann.  You said your name is Melissa?”  

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Well, I have three things tied together now, but I don’t know if it will be strong enough to help.  How do you want me to try this?  I will have to open his mouth up and shove it down there.  This doesn’t seem like a good idea.”  

“Don’t worry; there is no way he can swallow you down.  I mean his belly is bursting with just me inside.  If he ate you, I’m sure he would explode.”  

“Okay, are you ready Melissa?”  

“Yes, send down the clothing rope.”  

Carefully opening the pelican’s beak, Ann looks at the clothing rope and places it on the bird’s throat, but nothing happens.  “He’s not swallowing it.”  

“You are going to have to push it down.”  

Ann makes a face and pushes on the clothing a few times.  “It still isn’t going down.”  

“Please, try harder; I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

The pelican’s head rests on the blanket and its eyes are still closed.  Moving the bird’s beak fully open, Ann walks in between the massive bill over to the throat and gives it a nice push.  This seems to work, but it still is not going down far enough.  From inside Melissa states, “I don’t feel it yet, please push on it more.”  

Making a grossed out face, Ann pushes her arm inside the throat and moves the clothing down further.  She feels a suckling sensation around her arm and she tries to pull it out only to meet resistance.  The pelican is waking up and her arm is stuck.  Ann starts to panic, but keeps ahold of the clothing rope.  This is the only way to save Melissa.  The pelican moves its large bill open and then closes it down on Ann’s bikini clad form.  The girl jumps for a second and then pushes the cloth down further until she feels it become tight.  “Did you get it Melissa?”  Just as Ann asks, the bird picks her up off the ground and her body slides inside the droopy bill.  The pelican’s mouth closes down on Ann’s petite form.  Her arm is still stuck down the throat and she feels Melissa clinging to the clothing rope.  Her arm goes all the way inside the bird’s throat as it lifts up.  Ann feels wetness all around her and her heart sinks.  A strange rubbing sensation moves against her breasts and Ann looks down to see her bikini top is falling off.  A very strange looking tongue pushes it up and over to her shoulders revealing her lovely breast.  It flicks it a few times and then tastes the lovely meat inside its mouth.  Ann lets out a loud sigh as she feels licking on her breast.  

Even though the clothing is in Melissa’s hand, she cannot find the strength to pull herself out using the rope.  Her legs are numb and her mind is hazy.  Melissa feels Ann is trying her best, but it means nothing if she cannot pull herself out.  

Ann cries out as she feels her bra slipping off completely.  The pelican’s throat muscles claim it and it goes down inside the bird’s gut.  Ann gives a large tug on the rope of clothes and feels it give slightly, and then it goes slack.  Ann pulls the rest of the clothes out, pushes them to the back of the bird’s bill, and yells down the throat to Melissa.  “Oh, God, can you hear me?  Melissa, are you alright?”  No response comes and Ann starts to get sad.  The girl she wants to save is gone.  Ann feels her world moving around, the light of day encases her for a brief moment, and then all is red and orange again.  Ann looks around and realizes the pelican just spit out her clothing rope.  “You big dumb bird, spit me out too!”  Ann hits the side of the pelican’s bill, “I said let me out of here, you ate Melissa, what more do you want?”  As if answering the pelican waddles back into the pond and rests in the tall grass.  

Melissa’s quivering body slides down the acid filled proventriculus.  Her body burns as if it was on fire.  Acidic mucus assaults her nude form.  Hydrochloric acid eats away at her beauty.  The proventriculus is not very long, but it gives her a good coating and pushes her down into the bird’s gizzard where she digests alive.  Her mind shuts off, the pain is too great and the acids are too strong.  The gizzard treats her as meat and after only a short while, she dies.

“You can’t possibly eat me as well.  Your belly is not large enough, Melissa even said so.”  Ann’s eyes narrow as she comes to a horrible realization, “Are you planning on saving me for later?”

Ann gets tired of hitting the bird’s bill.  She realizes that there are almost no nerve endings in a bird’s beak, so it is futile.  Time passes and struggling has proven futile.  It is late in the day and she falls asleep.  

Night passes and Ann wakes up in the same place.  “Why hasn’t anyone noticed a huge pelican in the park’s pond?   I mean I can’t be the only person who comes back here to suntan.”  

Several digestion noises issue from the pelican’s throat indicating that Melissa’s body is breaking down into nutrients.  The gizzard is doing its job.  Ann sighs and is sad for the girl she never actually met face to face.  Life is so fragile.  

In the morning, Ann makes a lot of noise, trying desperately to get someone’s attention.  Nobody comes.  The day is long and the girl is bored.  Ann feels her pussy lips are wet and she decides to play with herself for the lack of anything better to do.  She slips her panties off and starts to rub her pussy lips frantically.  Ann does not masturbate very often and she is bad at it.  She thinks someone else’s touch is far more stimulating.  As she rolls around in the pelican’s bill, she brushes her ass up against that strange tongue located close to the bird’s throat.  She sighs, realizes that she is a complete pervert, and pushes her pussy up at the pelican’s tongue.  “You’ll probably like the way this tastes, you stupid bird.”  Sure enough, the pelican’s tongue goes for it and laps up all of Ann’s juices.  The feeling is like nothing she has ever experienced.  It is so much stimulation, but at the same time, it does not tickle.  Ann’s breasts heave and her back arches as the naked girl has a full orgasm for the first time while inside the pelican’s mouth.  

Ann sprays three times and cannot muster any more, her body is limp and she falls back down into the lowest end of the pelican’s bill.  Looking around, she cannot find her bikini bottom.  “Where the heck is it?”  She asks the flesh around her.  While she was having a wonderful time, it slipped back to the heaving throat and the bird swallowed it down.  Lying on her back, Ann grins and sighs, “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter does it?  Pretty soon I’m going to be digesting inside that tummy of yours.”  Ann puts her hands over her face feeling complete embarrassment.  “I can’t believe I’m going to be your food.”  Ann rubs her tingling pussy lips.  “Why does it make me feel so horny?”

Later on Ann does not hear any sounds of digestion from the bird’s belly indicating Melissa is completely gone.  This means that she is probably going down there soon.  In the morning, there are no sounds of digestion and the bird is sleeping soundly.  Ann thinks she can possibly break free now.  While the bird rests, she tries to open up the jaws, but for some reason nothing is moving.  No matter how hard she pushes up, the bill does not part.  “What am I doing wrong?  If I don’t get out of here soon, I’m going to become bird food, just like Melissa.”  All of her effort accomplishes nothing but tiring the poor girl out.  She has not eaten in a while and her stomach is rumbling.  At a time like this, it is somewhat ironic that she is hungry.  In order to conserve energy, Ann stops trying to free herself.  Again, she falls asleep, but has no idea how much time has passed when she comes back around.  

She wakes up to a familiar rubbing around her underside.  Ann and the pelican play with each other some more as it gets darker out.  Ann cries out several times from orgasms too strong to describe.  Her limp body reminds the pelican that soon it will eat this one as well.  Such wonderful hunting grounds the park pond turned out to be.  It is full of juicy delicious animals that have no means to defend themselves.  Such easy prey should have probably gone extinct.  

Ann rests.  She cannot remember how long it has been since the pelican ate her.  Is it two days now?  Did it matter anymore?  Lying on her side inside the voracious pelican’s bill, she looks at the opening to the bird’s throat and feels sexy.  “Is it time yet?  You want to eat me now?”  Ann rubs herself gently.  “Do you want me to help?”  Ann moves around and traces her finger around the opening to the bird’s esophagus.  She clears her mind and says aloud, “Too bad, if you want to eat me, you have to force me.  I’m not letting you gulp me down without a fight!”  The pelican pays little attention to Ann’s rebuke as it relieves itself in the lake and falls back to sleep.  In the morning, it will swallow down this animal and leave the lake for a while hopefully to find a mate.  

During the pelican’s time at the lake, something has been watching it from afar, something that escaped recently from captivity, something very large.  The grass moves aside as scales bend the blades down.  It smells the air.  It is hungry.
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zackthead Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
i have a none lethal vore fic request its about my oc snake draco hes a young 13 foot long boa thats has the ability to transform into a human boy age 11 he lonely and wants a friend but sadly his kind want nothing to do with him while out huntting one night for a animal to eat he finds a young human girl age 15 about to be raped by another human draco transforms into his human body and kills jessica's attacker this leads to jessica becomeing draco's frist friend she takes draco home with her in his snake form so can take care of him as a thank you for saving her
Pendromathidus Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Zackthead, it is an interesting request, but I don't believe I've ever said I was taking them, nor do I have the time to make something for someone without being compensated for my time.  Such requests are probably better for close friends than complete strangers.  Also, it looks like you are just using my comment section to solicit anyone to make your story.  That's kind of rude. 
zackthead Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
Pendromathidus Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
Got part 3 now and it makes since to me why the last part of number 2 was goofy.  I translated it and post the ending of part 2.  I'm doing part 3 right now during the holiday weekend.  Seems there is going to be another predator here soon.  What will become of Ann? 
J4B Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice story. Thanks for translating.
thisgirlroolzz Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Loved the story so far, Im really hoping there is more.
Starfighterace-421 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Student General Artist
Aww I really wanted her to be able to save Melissa.
Pendromathidus Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
Sorry, just translated what I found.  No control over this ride.  From what I read though, it seems as though Ann might be saved...
Starfighterace-421 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student General Artist
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